Hackney Bridge

About Us


We create uniquely designed public destinations where communities, local entrepreneurs and independent, local businesses come together to work, learn, grow and collaborate. We make these spaces as affordable as possible, and we actively connect our Members (tenants) with each other and the community around them.

In 2019, our business transformed a neglected car park in London Bridge into the bustling cultural hub known as Vinegar Yard, offering drinking, eating, shopping and art all under one roof. Recognising Londoners’ appetite for vibrant outdoor food markets regardless of the weather, Vinegar Yard quickly became a beloved destination.

Expanding into new territories, we acquired Hackney Bridge in 2023, and the site exemplifies our dedication to enriching communities by fostering economic vitality and cultural vibrancy wherever our ventures take root.

We’re a bridge in all senses of the word. We connect our industrial heritage with a future of progress. We bridge the gap between four London Boroughs: Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Waltham Forest; but most importantly, we provide a space for our local neighbours and enterprises to unite, collaborate and progress.

As well as providing the space local enterprises need to thrive, we work with our Members to make a positive difference in the community. We invest our time and skills into charitable projects and we provide free space for community events.


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